Egypt’s Coptic era yielded a remarkable wealth of artistry and spiritual wisdom that spread throughout the world and is preserved in an enduring legacy to this day.

The exhibition Coptic Art Revealed at the Palace of Amir Taz is the first Coptic exhibition in Egypt and is being organized in the centenary year of the Coptic Museum. It serves to highlight the splendours of the Coptic era and celebrates the Copts’ outstanding contribution to Egypt’s diverse and rich heritage.

Coptic Art Revealed is a milestone in the realization of temporary exhibitions arranged by the Ministry of State for Antiquities, which promotes taking this exhibition to other cities in Egypt and sending it abroad to shed light on a major epoch of Egypt’s history.

I am delighted to recognize the support and participation of local and foreign companies and institutions in bringing this remarkable exhibition together. The enthusiasm and encouragement of individuals were also invaluable for the successful outcome of this unique event.

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities