It is through the generous contribution of Naguib Sawiris and Orascom Telecom that the publication of a 240-page illustrated exhibition catalogue was made possible. The book includes over 130 illustrations in colour. Text contributions were written in Egypt, England, Germany, America and France and reflect the international fascination with the Coptic culture as a scholarly discipline.


Idea and Concept: Nadja Tomoum
Editors: Nadja Tomoum, Sarah Marei, Philip Whitfield
Photos: Sandro Vannini
Layout: Sally El Dars
Publisher: Ministry of State for Antiquities
Printed: Sahara Printing Company Egypt

In Appreciation

Map of the Eastern Mediterranean
Map of Egypt

The Copts
Samir Simaika: Marcus Pasha Simaika. The visionary creator of the Coptic Museum

The Coptic Church
Thelma Thomas: Coptic Art
The Coptic Language and Script

Nadja Tomoum: The Holy Family in Egypt
Samuel Moawad: The Veneration of the Virgin Mary
Sarah Marei: The Early Years of Christianity
Siegfried Richter: The Desert Fathers
Chrysi Kotsifou: Sacred Spaces
Marie-Hélène Rutschowscaya: Recent Discoveries from Bawit
Suzana Hodak: Biblical Stories
Mariam Ayad: Coptic Liturgy
Mennat-Allah El Dorry: Objects of Daily Life