The Veneration of the Virgin Mary

The Flight of the Holy Family into Egypt led to the Virgin Mary being afforded a special place in the Coptic Church and in the daily life of the faithful. The Copts venerate the Virgin Mary above angels, martyrs and saints not only as the mother of Jesus, but the mother of God and humanity. The veneration and motherhood of the Virgin Mary is an integral part in the daily practice of the Coptic liturgy and over the centuries have inspired literature, art, music, poetry, history and belief.

Icon representing the enthroned Virgin Mary as the Queen of Heaven. Painted by Ibrahim Al Nasikh and Yuhanna Al Armani, the most prolific icon painters in 18th century Egypt. 1742 AD.

The motif of the Virgin Mary suckling the Christ Child alludes to the representation of the goddess Isis nursing her son Horus. Date Unknown.

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